Launching ABBYY Compare Documents

There are many ways to launch ABBYY Compare Documents:

  • Open the New Task window, click the Compare tab and then click the Open ABBYY Compare Documents task.
  • In the New Task window, click Tools > Compare Documents (similarly, ABBYY Compare Documents can be launched from the PDF Editor and the OCR Editor).
  • Click Start > ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 > ABBYY Compare Documents. (In Windows 10, click Start and then click All Programs > ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 > ABBYY Compare Documents.)

There are several other ways to open a document in ABBYY Compare Documents:

  • In the PDF Editor, click the button on the main toolbar.
  • In the PDF Editor, click File > Compare Documents.
    The document that is open in the PDF Editor will be opened in ABBYY Compare Documents. You will then need to open another version of this document to compare the two.
  • In Windows Explorer, right-click a file and click Compare with... on the shortcut menu.
  • In Windows Explorer, select two files, right-click one of them, and click Compare documents... on the shortcut menu.

ABBYY Compare Documents is not available in some versions of ABBYY FineReader. See also:

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