Checking and editing texts

Once the OCR process is completed, the recognized text appears in the Text pane. The characters recognized with low confidence are highlighted, so that you can easily spot any OCR errors and correct them.

You can edit recognized text either directly in the Text pane or in the Verification dialog box (click Recognize > Verify Text... to open this dialog box). In the Verification dialog box, you can review low-confidence words, correct spelling errors, and add new words to the user dictionary.

ABBYY FineReader also allows you to change the formatting of output documents.

To change the formatting of recognized texts, use the buttons on the main toolbar of the Text pane and the buttons in the Text Properties pane (right-click anywhere in the Text pane and then click Properties on the shortcut menu to display this pane).

When recognizing a text, ABBYY FineReader identifies the styles used in the text. All the identified styles are displayed in the Text Properties pane. You can edit the styles to change the formatting of the entire text. When saving recognized texts in DOCX, ODT or RTF, all the existing styles can be preserved.

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