DjVu settings

The following settings are available:

Save mode

Select the appropriate setting depending on how you plan to use the output document.

  • Text under the page image
    This option saves the entire page as an image and places the recognized text underneath. As a result, you get a searchable DjVu document that looks almost exactly like the original.
  • Page image only
    This option saves the exact image of the page. The output document will look almost exactly like the original, but the text in the document will not be searchable.

Picture settings

Documents containing a large number of pictures can be very large. The quality of the pictures and the size of the resulting file can be tweaked using the options in the Image quality drop-down list.

Tip. To change the picture saving settings, click Custom.... In the Custom Settings dialog box, select the desired settings and click OK.

Multiple layers

The DjVu format uses a special compression technique which separates a page image into layers and applies different compression methods to each of them. By default, ABBYY FineReader will automatically determine whether multi-layer compression must be used on a page (i.e. the Multiple layers option is set to Automatic). Set the Multiple layers option to Always on if you want to use multi-layer compression on all pages or to Always off if you do not want to use multi-layer compression.

Preserve document metadata, such as authors and keywords

Preserves the metadata when you save the document. This option is enabled by default.

If you want to make changes to the document's metadata, click the Edit Metadata... button, make the desired changes, and click OK.

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