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Task Definition

Before you can apply any of the analysis tools, you need to identify tasks and cut logs. To define a task:

  1. On the project homepage click Let's start or Task definition in the Tasks pane.

    The Task definition editor opens, displaying the extracted forms from the logs. Click a form to see additional information and its associated screenshots.
    You can move screenshots between forms, if necessary, in Form editor.
    See Task Mining version 5.3 and later > Review forms for details.
  2. Drag and drop a form that will start the task in the New task column.
  3. Drag and drop an end form from the log to the same task column. In the appeared window select Mark as End for Task.
    Note. There can be multiple start and end forms for the task. Drag and drop them to the task column and select corresponding items for them in the appeared window.

    By default, all forms between start and end forms are included into task instance according to the cutting mode rules. You can set concurrent and overlapping tasks, single form tasks and configure other settings to the task definition.
    See more:
    Task Mining version 5.3 and later > Task properties
    Task Mining version 5.3 and later > Cutting mode
  4. Once the task has been defined, click Apply and cut logs in the top right corner of Task definition editor.

When all the changes are applied, the homepage of the Task Mining project with updated information about tasks opens.

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