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Query in analysis modules and tools

The Query tool is highly convenient for a wide range of searches. Its implementation in other timeline features makes its use even more flexible.


You can create an alert based on a query. Make sure to create a query in advance, since it can't be done from the Alerts window.

Example of alert based on Query

For general information about the tool, see Alerts.


This tool allows you to create a Category based on a query. To do this, click on + add new category in the Classification settings window. In the appeared field choose Set Query and create a new one.

Example of Category based on a query

For general information about the tool, see Classifications.

Predecessor analysis

This analysis module is based on Query. When you open Predecessor analysis for the first time, you will be prompted to choose an existing, or create a new Query.

For instructions on Query creation, see Configure and perform Query search.

For general information about analysis module, see Predecessor.

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