Recognizing documents

ABBYY FineReader uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert document images into editable text. Prior to OCR, the program analyzes the structure of the entire document and detects the areas that contain text, barcodes, pictures, and tables. For best OCR results, be sure to select the right OCR language, recognition mode, and print type.

By default, images contained in an OCR project are recognized automatically using the settings currently selected in the program.

Tip. You can disable automatic analysis and OCR for newly added images on the Image Processing tab of the Options dialog box (click Tools > Options... to open this dialog box).

In some cases, the OCR process must be started manually. This may be necessary, for example, if you disable automatic OCR, manually draw areas on an image, or change any of the following parameters in the Options dialog box:

  • the OCR language on the Languages tab
  • the OCR options on the OCR tab
  • the fonts to be used on the OCR tab

To launch the OCR process manually:

  • Click the button on the main toolbar, or
  • Click Recognize > Recognize All Pages.

Tip. To recognize a selected area or page, use the Area or Recognize menu or right-click the area or page to call up the context menu.

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