DOC(X)/RTF/ODT settings

The following settings are available:

Document layout

Select the appropriate setting depending on how you plan to use the output document.

  1. Exact copy
    Preserves the formatting of the original document. This setting is recommended for documents with complex layouts, such as promotion booklets. Note, however, that it limits your ability to change the text and formatting in the output document.
  2. Editable copy
    Produces a document in which the formatting may differ slightly from that of the original. Documents produced in this mode are easy to edit.
  3. Formatted text
    Retains paragraphs but does not retain the exact positions of objects on the page and line spacing. The text produced will be left-aligned. Texts in right-to-left scripts will be right-aligned.
    Vertical texts will become horizontal.
  4. Plain text
    Discards most formatting. Preserves only the font styles if the Keep bold, italic, and underlined text styles in plain text option is enabled.

Default paper size

You can select the paper size to be used for saving in RTF, DOC, DOCX, or ODT format from the Default paper size drop-down list.

Picture settings

Documents containing a large number of pictures can be very large. The quality of the pictures and the size of the resulting file can be tweaked using the options in the Keep pictures drop-down list.

Tip. To change the picture saving settings, click Custom..., specify the desired settings in the Custom Settings dialog box, and click OK.

Text settings

  • Keep headers, footers, and page numbers
    Retains the headers, footers, and page numbers in the output text.
  • Keep line breaks and hyphens
    Retains the original arrangement of text lines in the output text. 
  • Keep page breaks
    Retains the original page arrangement.
  • Keep line numbers
    Retains the original line numbering (if any). The line numbers will be saved in a separate field that remains unchanged when you edit the text.
    This feature is available only if the Editable copy option is selected in the Document layout drop-down list.
  • Keep text and background colors
    Select this option to retain the font color and background color.
  • Keep bold, italic, and underlined text styles in plain text
    Retains font styles when the Plain text option is selected in the Document layout drop-down list.

If you disable the detection of headers, footers, the table of contents, numbered lists, and footnotes on the OCR tab of the Options dialog box (click Tools > Options... to open this dialog box), these elements will be saved as body text.

Low-confidence characters

Enable the Highlight low-confidence characters option if you plan to edit the document in Microsoft Word and not in the Text pane of the OCR Editor. When this option is selected, all low-confidence characters will be highlighted in the Microsoft Word document.

Tip. You can change the color use for low-confidence characters on the Areas and Text tab of the Options dialog box (click Tools>Options... to open this dialog box).

Preserve document metadata, such as authors and keywords

Preserves the metadata when you save the document. This option is enabled by default.

If you want to make changes to the document's metadata, click the Edit Metadata... button, make the desired changes, and click OK.

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