What's New in ABBYY FineReader

Improved OCR speed and quality

  • The documents are now processed faster and text is recognized even more accurately.
  • More of the original formatting is retained as the program now detects graphs and diagrams with greater precision.
  • New OCR languages added: mathematical symbols (used for recognizing simple one-line formulas) and English transcription symbols.

Creating and converting PDF documents

  • Improved conversion of PDF documents with a text layer: the program will use the original text layer if available.
  • ABBYY FineReader can now create PDF documents from office documents such as *.docx, *.xlsx, *.rtf, etc., and combine multiple files into one PDF.

Working with PDF documents

The program now includes a powerful tool for working with PDF documents, which allows you to:

  • Edit different types of PDF documents (including those that only contain scans) without the need to recognize or convert the entire document.
  • View PDF documents, search inside PDF documents, and highlight text fragments.
  • Add comments and notes to PDF documents and reply to other peoples' comments.
  • Fill out and save PDF forms.
  • View and edit metadata.
  • Find and remove sensitive information both in the body text and in the comments, bookmarks, and metadata of a document.
  • Add Bates numbers to your documents.
  • Sign your documents with a digital signature.

Comparing documents

  • You can now compare two versions of the same document, which need not be in the same format. For example, you can compare a text version and an image, a PDF document and a scan, etc.

Batch processing of PDF documents

  • Create PDF documents from files in various formats.
  • Batch-process PDF documents: create PDF/A compliant PDF documents, reduce the size of your documents, improve the quality of document images, protect PDF documents with passwords, and permanently delete sensitive information.

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to all users who have contributed their feedback and helped us improve the program. We hope the new combination of powerful OCR and PDF functionality will make ABBYY FineReader even more useful to you.

02.11.2018 16:19:18

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