Viewing metadata

The PDF Editor allows you to view the title and author of a PDF document and some other information. This information is called metadata. Some of the metadata are specified by the author and some are generated automatically. You can also search documents by metadata.

To view metadata, click File > Document Properties... to open the Document Properties dialog box.

You can change or save any metadata created by the author, provided that the PDF document is not password-protected:

  • Title contains the title of the document.
  • Author contains the author of the document.
  • Subject contains the subject of the document.
  • Keywords contains keywords that you can use when searching documents.

The original metadata are preserved when you convert files in various formats to PDF, provided that you have not chosen to delete the metadata and have not specified new export options that will override the existing options.

The metadata of a document also contain the following information about the document and the file:

  • File name contains the name of the file.
  • Location contains the path to the folder where the document is stored.
  • File size contains the size of the file.
  • Page size contains the size of the current page.
  • Pages contains the number of pages in the document.
  • PDF producer contains the name of the application where the document was created
  • Application contains the name of the application where the document content was created.
  • PDF version contains the version of PDF.
    If the metadata of a document contain information about the compliance with the PDF/A or PDF/UA standard, this will be displayed in the Document Properties window.
  • Tagged PDF contains information about document tags.
  • Fast Web View specifies if the document supports Fast Web View technology, which speeds up loading documents online.
  • Created contains the date and time when the document was created.
  • Modified contains the date and time when the document was last changed.

ABBYY FineReader allows you to view, edit, find and delete metadata.

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