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Identidying Tasks Automatically

ABBYY Timeline can automatically identify tasks based on recurring actions, provided it has sufficient data to make a decision. To identify tasks automatically, click Show suggestions in the Task Definition Editor.

Note. Clicking Show suggestions will not affect any tasks that have been defined manually.

ABBYY Timeline will use machine learning algorithms to identify recurring patterns in the uploaded logs. Identifying tasks automatically may take a while. The fewer unrelated events in your logs, the more accurate the results obtained through automatic identification. For details, see Avoiding Unrelated Events.

Important. We recommend that you review several of the program's suggestions to make sure that the algorithm has identified the tasks correctly. You can delete invalid suggestions and make any necessary adjustments by deleting an unwanted task or changing end/start events. When you make adjustments to an automatically identified task, the program will prompt you to save it as a manually defined task.

For ABBYY Timeline to be able to identify tasks automatically, your log must meet the following requirements:

  • The log must contain at least 100 events.
  • A sequence of actions required to perform one task must recur at least 5 times and each of these occurrences must have at least 5 similar events, in no particular order.
  • The log should not contain more than 10 different tasks.
  • The log should not contain events for concurrent tasks.

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