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Ignoring Unrelated Events

You can choose to ignore any events unrelated to the task to be analyzed.

The IGNORED list displays events, groups of events, and actions in specific applications which will be ignored when analyzing the task. The ignored events are grayed out in the log. To hide the ignored events, select Do not show ignored events in logs.

The following can be ignored:

  • Events
    Select an event and then click Ignore event. To stop ignoring an event, select it in the log pane and click Cancel ignoring.
  • Applications
    You can ignore all the events occurring in a specific application. To do this, select any action performed in that application and click Ignore application. To stop ignoring an application, select it in Ignored > Ignored apps and click Clear.
  • Types of events
    You can ignore navigation commands, execution commands, and any other events. Click Ignored > Ignored types of events and select the tasks you want to be ignored. Navigation commands (e.g. closing a tab or switching between windows) are ignored by default, but you can always clear the check box next to them if they are relevant to your task.

Important. Ignored applications and websites can be added to the EXCLUDED list in ABBYY Recording Service templates. In this case, no actions performed in these applications or on these websites will be uploaded into your Task Mining project.

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