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Task properties

The Task properties pane gives a full view of available settings range for a task, from renaming to creating a single from task. To open the Task properties pane, click the task column in the Task definition editor window. Also, here you can specify a new task name, remove a task, and configure additional settings for a task definition.

Task definition settings

When defining task, the program offers a set of additional options that expands a range of opportunities for a task definition.

  • Include forms Auto or Manually
    • Select the Auto option to define your tasks including all forms between the set start and end ones.
    • The Manually option adds only start and end forms into task instances. To include a form into definition, drag and drop forms to a task instance and select Add to task. On the Task properties pane, you will see Added forms section, where all added forms are listed.
      To remove a form from definition, drag and drop it to the log pane or delete form from Added froms.
  • Single form task
    You can create a task that includes only one form. Drag and drop the needed from to a New task column. Open the Task properties pane by clicking on the task name and toggle on the Single form task option.
    For details, see Example: Defining a single form task.
  • Next start ends the task
    This feature allows to end the task with a form that will appear in the log before the next start of the task instance. So, any form that goes before that next start form completes the previous task instance.
    This option also allows to add end or start forms into the task definition by dragging and dropping them to the task column.
  • End form same as start
    A task can be started and ended by the same form. Drag and drop the start form to a New task column and toggle on the End form same as start option on the Task properties pane.
    End forms will duplicate the start ones. Cutting mode for start forms is set to First and cannot be changed.
    Important. You will not be able to delete end forms for this option.

Required and removed forms

On the Task properties pane, you can also set forms for the tasks that should be included or not in each task instance.

  • A Required form is a form that each task instance must contain.
    When you add forms to a task definition, right-click on a form in the task column and select Mark as required. You can specify not only the whole form but also a certain control. For this click on next to the form name in the Required forms section. Click Save to apply changes for the chosen elements.
    For Required forms you can also set AND/OR rules:
    • AND - all listed forms should be included into task instances.
    • OR - at least one (or more) of the required forms should appear in each task instance.
  • A Removed form is a form excluded from all task instances. Removed forms are not deleted from the log but cannot be a part of a task definition.
    When you add forms to a task definition, right-click on a form in the task column and select Remove from Task or drag and drop a form from the task instance to the log pane. As a result, no task instances will include this form.

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