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Task Mining version 5.3 and later

In version 5.3 Task Mining functionality is significantly expanded. Timeline now supports a new concept for user actions representation - Forms. They can be reviewed and modified in Form editor. New visualization options and features allow to increase the quality of the task definition. Using new tools, you can, for example, define concurrent and overlapping tasks in Task definition editor, view the hierarchical structure of logs on Task View Schema.

The main workflow steps in Task Mining 5.3:

  1. Record user actions and upload logs into Timeline via Recording Service or manually.
  2. Check extracted forms in Task definition editor and change them in Form editor, if needed, to improve accuracy of task definitions.
  3. Set task definitions in Task definition editor and cut logs into timelines.
  4. Specify the cost of tasks to determine how much money you can save by automation.
  5. Check automation-suitable tasks using Automation Candidates table and Candidates Distribution chart.
  6. Analyze tasks using built-in modules and tools.

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