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Task Mining version 5.2 and earlier

Task Mining will help you get an insight into your employees' interactions with the software used within your company and see how much time they spend on specific processes or stages. This information will give you a better understanding of the efficiency at each stage and automate business routines wherever possible.

Basic steps

  1. Record users' activity on computers
    Install ABBYY Recorder on users' computers and log the information. Recorded user actions and associated screenshots are sent to the central server - ABBYY Recording Service.
  2. Upload data into a Task Mining project and define tasks
    Collected logs are uploaded to a project, where you can define user tasks automatically or manually. Each task instance is treated as a timeline for further analysis.
  3. Analyze data
    Using identified tasks and task instances, Timeline suggests automation candidates and calculates executive summary that will give a closer look at your processes. After cutting logs, you will be able to use Timeline built-in analysis modules and tools.

Important. The project with the Task Mining - Recording Service 5.2 and earlier data source are compatible only with logs recorded by ABBYY Recorder 5.2.

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