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Interval measurements

Main Use

The interval panel allows user to specify two activities and then calculate the time between them. Since there could be several consecutive events of the same activity, a user should specify how to handle such case.

To use this tool, select the Analyze > Interval measurements menu.

How To

Defining From and To

To define From, a user first specifies the activity, using the standard activity selector in a popup window. Then user may change the configuration for If multiple, use which is the drop-down list with 2 options:

  • First one
  • Last one

Exactly the same configuration exists for To configuration.

Once From and To are defined, user can see the histogram. Then user could specify the breakdown dimension and see the Trellis charts.

Creating Filters

User may create the filter on the time interval using the histogram sliders. User may also create a filter by dimension

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