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Data Upload

To upload data into a project:

  1. Launch the data upload wizard.
    To do this, click the Upload your data button on the Welcome to ABBYY Timeline! page or select Project > Upload data.
    Note: If the button is grayed out, click Project > Details, then click the Data sources tab and select the Manual file upload option.
  2. Select a file to upload.
    See Data Requirements for the requirements that your uploaded data must meet.
    Note: If the total data size in your project exceeds 500 MB, ABBYY Timeline will prompt you to switch to Large Data Mode. See Working with Projects in Large Data Mode for details.
  3. In the Column mapping step, drag the timeline stamps on to their corresponding columns.
    For example, dag the Timeline ID mark into the TimelineID column.
    See Mapping Data for details.
    If you encounter problems while uploading your data, consult the Data Requirements section or contact ABBYY's technical support at support@abbyy.com.
  4. To complete the upload and start analyzing the data, click the Confirm and Start Upload button.
  5. Click the Go to timeline set button to see the overview of the uploaded data.
    See Overview Page for details.

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