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Connecting to DBMS using DBMS CLI Tool

DBMS CLI Tool is the Timeline Connector for DBMS. It is intended for integrating DBMS and ABBYY Timeline. The connector allows you to submit data from DBMS to ABBYY Timeline.

There are a few things you will need in order to submit data from the database management system (DBMS) using Timeline DBMS CLI Tool:

  1. Download ABBYY Timeline Connector for DBMS.
    Please contact your ABBYY representative or ABBYY Timeline support at support@abbyy.com and obtain the link to download the newest version of the ABBYY Timeline Connector for DBMS.
    ABBYY Timeline Connector ZIP file includes abbyy.timeline.dbms.client.jar. It is a command-line tool that is able to submit data from DBMS to ABBYY Timeline.
  2. Configure the database as a data source in an ABBYY Timeline repository.
    For detailed instructions on configuring DBMS as data source, see 'Configuring ABBYY Timeline Repository' below.
  3. Run ABBYY Timeline Connector for DBMS.
    For detailed instructions see 'Run ABBYY Timeline Connector for DBMS' below.

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