Administrator Features

This chapter describes features available to the Administrator.

Batch Types

Before processing can begin, the Administrator needs to set up the system to process different types of documents by creating batch types. This section explains what batch types are.

Working with Batch Types

This section covers everything you can do with batch types, specifically creating, editing, deleting, exporting and importing batch types and protecting them with passwords.

Using Global Settings on Scanning Stations

This section explains how to use global settings. Global settings allow the Administrator to specify settings for all Scanning Stations in the system.

Using Local Settings on Scanning Stations

This section explains how to use local settings on Scanning Stations. The Administrator can grant permissions for a project to an Operator, allowing the Operator to independently create new batch types, edit their settings, and choose export destinations for processed batches.

Speicherort für die internen Daten

Die internen Daten der Scanstation beinhalten die Bilder gescannter Dokumente, die Instruktionen zur Aufteilung von Bildern in Dokumente und Stapel und die Parameter für das Scannen, Verarbeiten und Exportieren von Bildern (Stapeltypen).

Using Scripts in ABBYY Scanning Station

This section describes various scenarios that can be implemented using scripts.

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