Advanced conversion mode in the OCR Editor

The advanced conversion mode is essential for working with documents that have complex layouts. This mode lets you edit the layout structure of a document, improving the conversion quality.

To convert document images in ABBYY FineReader PDF, you must carry out the following steps:

  1. Import the images
    Note: You can import files from your Mac computer to your OCR project, as well as images from your external iPhone, iPad, and scanner devices.
  2. Preprocess the imported images
    ABBYY FineReader PDF automatically improves images, splits facing pages and corrects their orientation.
    Hint: If required, you can modify the image preprocessing settings.
    Hint: In some cases, you may need to edit images manually to improve the recognition quality.
  3. Analyze the document structure
    ABBYY FineReader PDF automatically marks areas containing text, tables, and images on pages.
    Note: When working with a document that has a complex layout, you may need to manually edit the areas.
  4. Recognize the document
    ABBYY FineReader PDF recognizes text detected on document images.
    Note: Before recognizing documents, it is important to select the correct OCR languages.
    Attention: If you have changed the OCR language or the document markup, launch recognition manually.
  5. Export processing results
    ABBYY FineReader PDF allows you to export images to the following formats:

Hint: To make processing documents easier and more convenient, consider using the quick conversion mode.

Attention: You can save your preliminary results to your OCR project and return to working on your document at a later time. The OCR project contains the source images, the corresponding recognized text, and the program settings.

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