Scanning settings

  • Scanning mode
    Specify this parameter according to your scanner type and the type of document being scanned.
    • Flatbed
      Hint: To make scanning multi-page documents easier, select Scan multiple pages with pause and specify a value in seconds. This will automatically delay the scanning of each new page by the value specified.
    • Automatic Document Feeder
  • Color depth
    Specify this parameter according to your document's color type.
    • Black and White
    • Grayscale (optimal for recognition)
    • Full Color
  • Resolution
    This parameter determines the resolution of the scanned image.
    • 200 dpi (fast, low-quality scan)
      Select this option to scan an image in low quality.
      Hint: Select this option if your document only contains text.
    • 300 dpi (default)
      Select this option for scanning regular documents (text and some pictures).
    • 600 dpi (small fonts)
      Select this option for scanning documents with small fonts and low-quality documents.
    • 1200 dpi (slow)
      Select this option of you need a high-quality scan of your document.
      Note: Selecting this option will yield a very large image file.
  • Scanning area
    This parameter determines the size of the area that will be scanned.

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