Some script stages and rules can use external libraries, which will need to be kept up to date. When editing assembly code used for customizing projects, you may need to update a particular assembly in all projects. You can use the UpdateAssembly command to update assemblies in project settings, batch types, and Document Definitions. This command can be used for a single project or for all the projects on a server at once.




The path to the assembly.

Only assemblies whose full name matches the specified name will be updated.
/Project Optional

Specifies a project.

You can specify any of the following:

  • the full path to a local project
  • the path to a project on a server
  • the name of a project on a server (the /Server parameter must be specified)

If no project is specified, the command will process all the projects on the server.

/Server Optional Server address.
/Tenant Optional Tenant name.
/U Optional User name.

If no user name is specified, Windows authentication will be used.
/P Optional Password.
/DocumentDefinition Optional The name of the Document Definition containing the assembly that needs to be updated.
/BatchType Optional The name of the batch type containing the assembly that needs to be updated.

Note: If neither the /DocumentDefinition parameter nor the /BatchType parameter is set, the program will look for the document assembly in all the Document Definitions and batch types.

Example of use:

UpdateAssembly /Project="https://FCSRV/1/SingleEntryPoint" /AssemblyPath="D:\FlexiCapture\ClassLibrary1\bin\Release\ClassLibrary1.dll" /DocumentDefinition=*

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