Setting up the Licensing Server

The Licensing Server service can be added to the cluster identically to the Processing Server service.

The same serial number should be activated (the serial number must support at least two activations). The serial number must not change depending on the node provided by the Licensing Server.

The stations must be restarted after the service switches between the cluster nodes. The Processing Server stops and automatically starts in 5 minutes. The remote stations continue working with their tickets if the same serial number is used for all of the cluster nodes.

A separate log file with page use statistics is created on each cluster node in the folder %allusersprofile%\ABBYY\FlexiCapture\12\Licenses. To obtain summary statistics, the values from all of the nodes must be added. If a serial number which allows two activations is activated on the nodes Node1 and Node2, then pages are counted for the Node1 license when Node1 is running and for Node2 license when Node2 is running. If the page limit specified for the serial number is 100 pages, then, besides the main 100 pages, 100 more pages are added to be used when working on the other node.

2/20/2021 12:32:37 PM

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