You can use the SetExportRootPath command to specify an export root path.


/ExportPath Required The new root export path.
/Project Optional

Specifies a project.

You can specify any of the following:

  • the full path to a local project
  • the path to a project on a server
  • the name of a project on a server (the /Server parameter must be specified)

If no project is specified, the command will process all the projects on the server.

/Server Server address.
/Tenant Optional Tenant name.
/U Optional User name.

If no user name is specified, Windows authentication will be used.
/P Optional Password.

Example of use:

SetExportRootPath /Project="D:\Banking_eng" /ExportPath="D:\123" – For a local project.

SetExportRootPath /Project="https://localhost/1" /ExportPath="\\pc\share" – For a project on a server.

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