Over time, documents and images will accumulate in training batches. They can sometimes contain user data which may only be stored for a limited period of time for legal reasons. These files need to be deleted after that time period expires. Besides, such documents and images also take up storage space. You can use the DeleteTrainingSamples command to delete such accumulated documents and images from all the training batches, leaving only the training results.

Note: Deleting all documents and images makes further training impossible. To resume training, new images need to be added. Training will then resume from scratch using only the new images. The results of prior training will be deleted and will no longer be used.




Specifies a project.

You can specify any of the following:

  • the full path to a local project
  • the path to a project on a server
  • the name of a project on a server (the /Server parameter must be specified)

If no project is specified, the command will process all the projects on the server.

/TrainingBatches Optional Training batches from which all files must be deleted.

Possible values are All, LayoutOnly, ClassifierOnly or None. By default, this parameter is set to All.



Specifies the number of days (starting from creation date) after which an image must be deleted.

If no value is specified, all images will be deleted.

/LockTraining Flag Disables further training for a batch if at least one image is deleted from that batch.
/U Optional

User name.

If no user name is specified, Windows authentication will be used.

/P Optional Password.
/Tenant Optional Tenant name.

Example of use:

DeleteTrainingSamples /Project="https://FCSRV/1/SingleEntryPoint" /U=user /P=password /DeleteOlderThan=90 /LockTraining

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