When you publish a new version of a Document Definition, its older versions are not deleted automatically, as they may be in use by some documents in the current project. However, over time, as documents are deleted or their Document Definitions are upgraded, unused Document Definitions may accumulate. These can be deleted using the CompactProject command.

  1. For a local project, running the CompactProject command is identical to clicking Project → Compact.
  2. For a project stored on a server, running the CompactProject command will delete all the unused versions of the Document Definition and any related files. The command will look for unused files both in working and in training batches.

Note:  The latest versions of Document Definitions are never deleted.




Specifies a project.

You can specify any of the following:

  • the full path to a local project
  • the path to a project on a server
  • the name of a project on a server (the /Server parameter must be specified)

If no project is specified, the command will compact all the projects on the server.

/Server Optional Server address.
/U Optional User name.

If no user name is specified, Windows authentication will be used.
/P Optional Password.
/Tenant Optional Tenant name.

Example of use:

CompactProject /Project="https://FCSRV/1/SingleEntryPoint" /U=user /P=password

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