Installing stations

To install ABBYY FlexiCapture stations, click Distributed Installation → Install Workstations on the Autorun menu and follow the instructions of the setup wizard.

By default, all the stations are installed on one computer:

  1. Scanning Station scans documents and sends them to the server for further processing;
  2. Processing Station automatically recognizes, imports, and exports documents; controlled by the Processing Server;
  3. Project Setup Station is used to set up projects on the server and local projects;
  4. Data Verification Station is used to verify uncertainly recognized characters;
  5. Verification Station is used to verify data, correct document assembly errors, and handle exceptions;
  6. FlexiLayout Studio is a tool for creating FlexiLayouts;
  7. FormDesigner is a tool for creating forms.

Just like the servers, the stations can be installed on the same or on different computers.

If required, ABBYY FlexiCapture stations can be installed on different computers. To do this, in the Setup Type dialog box clear the boxes next to the stations that you do not want to install on this computer. When installing stations on different computers, note the following:

  1. If Processing Station is selected, a dialog box will appear, where you must select the account under which the Processing Station service will run. By default, the service runs under the NETWORK SERVICE user account. If you plan to import/export data on this station from/to a storage location with restricted user permissions, you can specify the user that has the appropriate permissions. In this case, the Processing Station service will run under this user.
  2. When installing FlexiLayout Studio, FormDesigner, Verification Station or Project Setup Station, provide the name or the IP address of the Licensing Server in the next dialog box that opens (specify the name without “\”, for example: MainServer).

See also: Installing and removing ABBYY FlexiCapture components in silent mode.

Installing remote stations

Remote stations allow you to connect to ABBYY FlexiCapture servers from computers that are not part of your LAN. Remote stations include Verification Station, Data Verification Station, and Scanning Station.

Remote stations can connect to the Application Server  using HTTP/HTTPS.

To install remote stations, click Distributed Installation on the Autorun menu, click the desired remote station, and follow the instructions of the setup wizard.

Important! If you wish to use remote stations over the Internet, the Application Server must be accessible over the Internet and the Processing Server must be running to enable exchange of information with the Licensing Server. If basic authentication is to be used for remote stations, basic authentication must be allowed in IIS in Default Web Site\FlexiCapture12\Server.

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