Installing the servers

Important! In enterprise environments, do not install the Processing Station on the same computer where the ABBYY FlexiCapture servers are installed, as this will degrade server performance.

After you have completed the preparation steps, install the ABBYY FlexiCapture servers. To do this, click Distributed Installation → Install Servers on the Autorun menu and follow the instructions of the setup wizard.

By default, all of the servers are installed on one computer:

  • Processing Server is the server that controls the Processing Stations.
  • Licensing Server is the server used for storing and managing licenses.
  • Application Server is the server that controls the operation of the remaining components and, in particular:
    • Web stations, which allow Operators to connect to the server and process documents in the browser window, without installing ABBYY FlexiCapture on their machines.

If required, ABBYY FlexiCapture servers can be installed on different computers. To do this, in the Setup Type dialog box clear the boxes next to the servers that you do not want to install on this computer. When installing servers on different computers, note the following:

  1. The Licensing Server address should be specified in the format "server" (without \\ or https://), or you can specify its IP address.
  2. The Application Server address should be specified in the format "https://<ApplicationServer>" where <ApplicationServer> is the name of the computer on which the Application Server is installed.

Important! To be able to use remote stations over the Internet, make sure that the Application Server is accessible over the Internet.

See also: Installing and removing ABBYY FlexiCapture components in silent mode.

Installing the Application Server and web stations on different computers

By default, the Application Server and the web stations are installed on the same computer. You can install the Application Server and web stations on different computers if required. For example, the Application Server may be installed on a computer in a DMZ network, while the web stations may be made accessible to users in an external network.

The setup program does not allow installing only the Application Server or only the web stations. Use the following workaround:

  1. Install both the Application Server and the web stations on computer M1 and on computer M2.
  2. Redirect the web stations installed on M1 to the Application Server installed on M2.

Important! The Administration and Monitoring Console cannot be disjoined from the Application Server.

To redirect the web stations to the Application Server, on computer M1, modify the web.config file of each web station, specifying the name of computer M2 in the value parameter.

        add key="ApplicationServer" value="M2Name"></add>

The folders with the web.config file for each web station can be found at <IIS Root Directory (e.g. C:\inetpub\wwwroot)>\FlexiCapture12\<Station Name>.


Important! For computers separated by a firewall, allow the use of World Wide Web Services on port 80 if HTTP is used or the use of Secure World Wide Web Services on port 443 if HTTPS is used.

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