Document Definitions may use FlexiLayouts that need to be periodically updated. When you update a FlexiLayout in one Document Definition, you may want to update it in all the other Document Definitions where it is used. To achieve this, use the LoadFlexiLayout command, which loads a FlexiLayout from a file into Document Definition sections that were created based on a FlexiLayout. The new FlexiLayout will replace the old one.

Important! An additional FlexiLayout will replace the old FlexiLayout only if the two have identical names.


/Project Optional

Possible ways to specify a project:

  • full local path
  • full path to the server hosting the project
  • the name of the project on the server (the /Server parameter must be specified).
    If no project is specified, all the projects on the server will be updated.
/Server Optional Server address.
/U Optional

User name.

If this parameter is not specified, Windows authentication will be used.

/P Optional Password.
/Tenant Optional Tenant name.
/Cert Optional The thumbprint of the certificate used for Mutual SSL authentication. Pass the string-encoded hash of the certificate for the server with Mutual SSL installed.
/DocumentDefinition Required Document Definition name.
/Section Optional Section name. Optional, if your Document Definition contains only one section that uses a FlexiLayout.
/FlexiLayoutPath Optional The path to the *.afl or *.txt file containing the FlexiLayout.
/MainFlexiLayout Flag Replaces the main FlexiLayout. If this flag is not used, the additional FlexiLayout will be replaced.
/RemoveOldFields Flag If this flag is used, any fields related to the old FlexiLayout (i.e. the fields created upon loading the old FlexiLayout) will be removed when the old FlexiLayout is replaced with the new one.

Example of use:

/LoadFlexiLayout /Server="https://FCSRV" /Project="Banking_eng" /DocumentDefinition=Invoces /Section=EU_Invoces /MainFlexiLayout – Replaces the main FlexiLayout in the "EU_Invoces" section of the "Invoces" Document Definition.

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