Specifying timeouts for inactive sessions

An operator may open a task and then remain inactive for a considerable period of time. After some time of inactivity, the working session of this operator will become inactive. Inactive sessions with open tasks may result in a failure to meet the processing targets specified in your SLA, or delay the processing of entire batches.

To prevent this from happening, you can specify a timeout period after which an inactive session will be automatically closed.

All open sessions, both active and inactive, are displayed in the Administration and Monitoring Console in System Monitor → Sessions.

You can specify a timeout on the following stations:

  • (local or remote) Verification Station
  • (local or remote) Data Verification Station
  • (local) Project Setup Station
  • Web Verification Station
  • Web Capture Station

Specifying timeouts for inactive sessions on local and remote stations

Specifying timeouts for inactive sessions on web stations

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