FCAdminTools commands

The following command line switches can be used with any of the commands described in this section:

Switch Description

Chooses a logging level.

All – All types of messages will be logged (i.e. information messages, warnings, and errors).

Warnings – Only warnings will be logged.  

Errors – Only errors will be logged.

None – No messages will be logged.

/? or /help If this switch is placed after a command, help for the command will be displayed. Otherwise, general help will be displayed.
/NoLogo Hides the product logo (including product name, version, and copyright notice) at start-up.

Examples of use:
FCAdminTools.exe /? - Displays help for all commands.
FCAdminTools.exe CommandName /? - Displays help for the <CommandName> command.

Note: For a local project, neither the /U nor the /P parameter is required.

Note: The command and option names are not case-sensitive. Quotation marks can be preceded by the "\" symbol to avoid string truncation.

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