Setting up the Processing Server

To set up the Processing Server, complete the following steps:

  1. Assign the Processing Server role to the user under whose account the Processing Server is running.
    By default, the Processing Server is installed on the same computer as the Application Server and is started under the Network Service user account. In this case, the role is assigned to the Processing Server automatically and this step can be skipped.
    If the Processing Server role is not assigned automatically, grant the necessary permissions to the Processing Server on the  Settings → Users page of the Administration and Monitoring Console.
    If the Processing Server is installed on a computer other than the computer with Application Server and is running under the Network Service user account, the user will be displayed as <Domain>\<Machine Name>$ in the Administration and Monitoring Console. If the Processing Server service is running under a different user, it  assign Processing Server the role to that user.
  2. Start the Processing Server Monitor (click Start → All Programs → ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Servers → Processing Server).
  3. In the Processing Server Monitor, click Actions → Properties and in the dialog box that opens, specify the address of the Application Server (e.g. https://ApplicationServer). If the Processing Server and the Application Server are installed on the same computer, the address of the Application Server will be specified automatically.
  4. Click to start the Processing Server.
  5. Add Processing Stations. To do this, select Stations in the tree and click . In the dialog box that opens, select desired stations based on the names of their computers or click Browse... to find stations on the network. After adding a station, you specify its parameters in the Station Properties dialog box (click Actions   → Properties). The station will be started automatically (this will take about a minute). If the station requires lengthy setup or you do not want to start the station, clear the Start automatically option in the station properties.
    To start desired stations manually, select them in the Processing Server Monitor main window and click .
    Note: We do not recommended installing the Processing Station on the computer where the FlexiCapture servers are installed as it will degrade server performance.
  6. If required, specify processing settings for your project on the Project Setup Station (the settings you specify will apply to batches of the Default type). To specify processing settings, click Project → Project Properties... and then click the Workflow tab. If your project contains various batch types, specify workflow settings for each. To do this, click Project  → Batch Types..., then select a batch type, click  Edit... and in the dialog box that opens click the Workflow tab.

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