Data set normalization settings are stored in the Normalization.xml file. To modify the standard normalization settings, the user must download the settings file, make the necessary changes, and then upload the new settings using the appropriate FCAdminTools commands.

Running the DownloadNormalizationSettings command will download the Normalization.xml file containing the data set normalization settings to the user-specified folder. To upload your new normalization settings, use the UpdateNormalizationSettings command.

Note: A separate Normalization.xml file is required for each data set. This means that in order to modify the normalization settings of several data sets, you will need to download and modify the Normalization.xml file for each of them.


/DataSet Required The name of the data set for which you want to download the normalization settings file.
/Project Optional

Specifies a project.

You can specify any of the following:

  • the full path to a local project
  • the path to a project on a server
  • the name of a project on a server (the /Server parameter must be specified)

If no project is specified, the command will process all the projects on the server.

/Server Optional The server where the project is hosted.
/Tenant Optional Tenant name.
/Cert Optional Certificate thumbprint used for mutual SSL authentication. This key is used to pass an encoded certificate hash for a server with Mutual SSL installed as a string.
/U Optional

User name.

If no user name is specified, Windows authentication will be used.

/P Optional Password.
/DocumentDefinition Optional The name of the Document Definition where the search for the data set will be carried out.
/TargetFolder Required The path to the folder where the data set normalization settings file will be downloaded.

Example of use:

/DownloadNormalizationSettings /Project=https://localhost/3/APITestProject /DocumentDefinition=APITestDocDef /DataSet=DataSetTest /TargetFolder=C:\archive\normdst\ - will download the Normalization.xml file for the DataSetTest data set in the APITestDocDef Document Definition to the C:\archive\normdst folder.

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