What it does

Gets files into which document processing results were exported.

This method can be used when exporting results to the ABBYY FlexiCapture database. When exporting to a file storage, null is returned.

By default, this method can download files of up to 100 MB. This file size restriction can be disabled or modified using Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

To set the maximum size of downloaded files:

  • Navigate to \Sites\Default Web Site\FlexiCapture12\Server > Application Settings.
  • Locate the MaxAttachmentSizeForSoap key and specify the desired file size in bytes. (Setting this key to 0 will disable the file size restriction.)

Note: To download large files, we recommend using a file storage.


File LoadDocumentResult( int sessionId, int batchId, int documentId, string fileName );


Name Type Description
sessionId int The ID of the connection to the Application Server
batchId int The ID of the batch that contains the documents about which information is to be retrieved
documentId int The ID of the exported document
fileName string The name of the file to be retrieved from the server

Returned value

Type Description
File The file into which the document processing results were exported

25.05.2023 7:55:02

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