What it does

Represents the form window.


Definition Description
EnsureRectVisible( imageRect : IShellRect ) Moves the scroll box to make the specified rectangle visible
FindControl( field : IField ) : IFieldControl Searches for a field control using the value of the field region of ControllerInterop


Name Type Access Description
ActiveControl IFieldControl Read/write The active control on the form. The value of this property cannot be modified from the On Field Control Activate and On Field Control Deactivate events.
ClientRect IShellRect Read-only

The rectangle of the client area (in window coordinates).

The coordinates of the left upper corner of the main window are (0, 0).

Control IFieldControl Read-only The main control of the form
Docking TDockingType Read/write The position of IFormWindow relative to IImageWindow in the document editor.
DocumentWindow IDocumentEditor Read-only The document editor
Handle int Read-only The handle of the window
Ratio IShellRational Read/write

The ratio of the total size of IFormWindow plus IErrorsWindow windows (which is a numerator) to the size of IDocumentEditor (a denominator).

If the Docking property value is DT_Top or DT_Bottom, the ratio between the y-extents is measured.

Otherwise, the ratio between the x-extents is measured.

ScrollPos int Read/write The position of the scroll box
TextSize TTextSize Read/write The size of the text
TotalRect IShellRect Read-only

The rectangle of the whole form.

If the size of the client area is smaller than the size of the form, the form window will have scrollbars

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