Sample database search script

This sample script will search for data in a database at the Web Verification Station.

Before you proceed to configure this user script, be sure to complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Project Setup Station and click Project → Document Definitions...
  2. Click Document Definition → Document Definition Properties, open the data sets tab, and then click Add....
  3. Create a data set,  create a few records, and click Close.

A new user script will be added to the Script Editor for Web Verification Station.

Sample script that searches for data in a database

This sample script can also be found here: http://<ApplicationServer>/FlexiCapture12/Verification/Scripts/CustomScripts/customActionLookup.js, where <ApplicationServer> is the name of the computer where the Application Server is installed.

Replace the values in the following lines of the sample script:

  • var dbCacheName = 'DataSet1', where DataSet1 is the name of the data set created earlier.
  • var fieldNameInCache = 'Field2', where Field2 is the name of the data set field that will contain the value to be copied.

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