What it does

Selects the task with the highest priority and opens it for processing. The selected task is locked (i.e. cannot be opened by other users).

Important! A task must be opened before any actions on the task can be performed.


int GetTaskByStageId( int sessionId, int projectId, int[] stageIds, bool onlyPreprocessedTasks, bool onlyPrivateBatches );


Name Type Description
sessionId int The ID of the connection to the Application Server
projectId int Project ID
stageIds int[] The IDs of the stages to get task from
onlyPreprocessedTask bool

The flag which determines from which tasks to select. Possible values:

  • True - select only pre-processed tasks;
  • False - select from all tasks.
onlyPrivateBatches bool

The flag which determines the set of available batches. Possible values:

  • True - only batches that belong the current user or user group are available;
  • False - all batches are available.

Returned value

Type Description
int Task ID

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