What it does

Represents the context of drawing. Allows you to draw elementary geometric objects by using scripts. The color is specified as a sequence of four bytes: 0x00BBGGRR, where the "BB" bite represents the blue color, the "GG" bite is the green color and the "RR" bite is the green color.


Definition Description
FillAlphaRect( rect : IShellRect, rgbColor : int, alpha : int ) Draws a filled rectangle with a specified level of transparency.
FillRect( rect : IShellRect, rgbColor : int ) Draws a filled rectangle of the specified color.
GetPixel( x : int, y : int ) : int Retrieves the pixel color (in RGB) by its coordinates.
Line( start : IPoint, end : IPoint, rgbColor : int ) Draws a line of the specified color connecting the "start" and "end" points.
Rect( rect : IShellRect, rgbColor : int ) Draws a rectangle with a frame of the specified color.
SetPixel( x : int, y : int, rgbColor : int ) : int Sets the color (in RGB) of the pixel with specified coordinates. Returns the previous color of the pixel (in RGB).


Name Type Access Description
Handle int Read-only The handle to the context (HDC)

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