What it does

Represents the image of a page or a region.

The object implements the IPicture interface and provides access to some of its properties through the IDispatch interface.

For more details about the IPicture interface, see the corresponding article at MSDN.

Note. This object is not available on the Web Verification Station for checking rules locally.


Definition Description
AnalyzePageObjects( [optional] reserved: Object ) : IPictureObjectsInfo Defines objects on the page and returns the parameters of the page as seen by the recognition module. Some delay in the operation is possible.
CalcSuitabilityForOCR(): float

Shows how suitable is an image for OCR. Possible values are from 0.0 to 1.0.


CreateEditableCopy() : IEditablePictureObject Creates an editable copy of the image.
DetectPageOrientation( [optional] language: string ) : int Detects page orientation by the text on it. The internal name of the language is passed as the input parameter. If the language is not specified, the language of the current locale is used. Returns the angle (in degrees) to which the page must be rotated. The following values can be returned: 0, 90, 180 and 270.
IsPhoto(): bool Shows whether an image is a photo.
IsSuitableForOcr(): bool Shows whether an image is suitable for OCR.
SaveAs( filename : string, [optional] options : IExportImageSavingOptions ) Saves the image. If no options are specified, the image is saved as *.tif.


Name Type Access Description
Handle OLE_HANDLE Read-only

The Windows GDI handle of the picture.

In .Net this property can be used in System.Drawing.Image.FromHbitmap method to retrieve the picture object.

Height int Read-only The height of the picture in dots
hPal OLE_HANDLE Read/write, Mutable (can be modified even in scripts with read-only permissions)

The Windows handle of the palette used by the picture.

This property can be used in System.Drawing.Image.FromHbitmap as a second parameter.

IsBlackWhite bool Read-only Whether the picture is black-and-white.
IsColor bool Read-only Whether the picture is color.
IsGrayscale bool Read-only Whether the picture is grayscale.
Type SHORT Read-only The type of picture.
Width int Read-only The width of the picture in dots
XResolution int Read-only The horizontal image resolution
YResolution int Read-only The vertical image resolution

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