What it does

Represents the project in scripts.

Note. Some methods and properties of this object are not available on the Web Verification Station for checking rules locally. The methods and properties that are not supported are marked with an asterisk (*).


Definition Description
GetDocumentDefinitions( [optional] reserved :object ) : IDocumentDefinitionInfoArray Returns information about the Document Definitions included in the project. The reserved parameter must be null or left unspecified.


Name Type Access Description
EnvironmentVariables * IProperties Read-only Returns an array of the environment variables used in the project.
ExportRootPath * string Read-only The root export path as it is defined in the project settings. Can be an empty string.
Id string Read-only Identifier of the project (only for projects that have been uploaded to the server).
Name string Read-only The name of the project.
Path * string Read-only The path to the project files.
Principals * IPrincipals Read-only An array of users or groups.

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