Event types


Describes possible event types.

List of enumerators

Possible values

Value Description
0 A session was opened.
1 A session was closed.
2 A document was added.
3 A document was deleted.
4 A changed document was saved.
5 A document was moved to a different processing stage.
6 A task was created.
7 A user has received a task.
8 A completed task was returned.
9 A task was canceled.
10 An error was logged.
11 A warning was logged.
12 Notification.
13 The processing of a task ended.
14 A task was postponed.
15 A task was moved to the processing stage.
16 A user has moved a batch to the processing stage.
17 A user was added.
18 A user was deleted.
19 Changes were made to a project (Document Definitions, batch types, import profiles, etc.).
20 The list of roles available to a user was changed.
21 The event log was cleared.
22 A user group was added.
23 A user group was deleted.
24 A batch was created.
25 A batch was deleted.
26 A tenant was created.
27 A tenant was deleted.
28 A postponed task was returned to the queue.
29 A batch was imported.
30 The processing of a batch ended.
31 A batch was queued for processing.
32 Merge stages.

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