What it does

Stores parameters of matching Document Definitions and sections on a page.

Note. This object is not available on the Web Verification Station for checking rules locally.


Name Type Access Description
DefinitionsList string Read/write

The list of sections and Document Definitions to be matched on the page divided by semicolon.

Document Definitions names and section names are specified in the form of <DefinitionName> or <DefinitionName>\<SectionName> respectively. Only existing sections and Document Definitions can be used. For example, the first section of the sample Banking_eng is specified as follows: Banking_eng\Page 1.

ForceMatch bool Read/write Specifies whether to force-match the sections. The flag can be set to true only if no more than one section is set. If the section list is empty and the flag is set to true, the page will be marked as an annex page which does not need recognition.
MaxPagesToMatch int Read/write Specifies the maximum number of pages with which the multi-page sections may be matched. 0 means that there are no restrictions.
NeedRecognition bool Read/write Specifies whether fields within the section need recognition. If the flag is set to false, fields will not be recognized after matching.

Note: For the page to be recognized with all sections, do not modify the DefinitionsList property. If the DefinitionsList property is empty and the ForceMatch flag is not set, the page will not be recognized and the error message "No Document Definitions to match" will be logged. If the ForceMatch flag is set to true, the page will be marked as an annex page.

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