What it does

Describes image saving options.

Note. This object is not available on the Web Verification Station for checking rules locally.


Definition Description
Add( value : Object, [optional] position : int )

Places the value element in the text at certain position. If no position is specified, the element is placed at the end of the text.

Note: The value parameter may be a character, a string, an ICharacterParams object, or an ICharactersParams object. Thus, you can copy character or text from other fields, preserving the markup and highlighting. If the regions of the characters you attempt to copy do not fit within the region of the new field, they will not be copied.

SetPdfDocumentInfo( type: TPdfDocumentInfoType, value: string ) The metadata of the PDF file.


Name Type Access Description
AddProperFileExt bool Read/write If the value is set to true, the extension is set according to the image format during image saving. By default, the value is set to false.
ColorType string Read/write Color scheme. Admissible values: "FullColor", "GrayScale", "BlackAndWhite". Strings are not sensitive to the letter case.
FieldsToRedact IExportFieldsToRedact Read/write The list of fields to be redacted in the resulting image.
Format string Read/write Image saving format. Admissible expressions: "tif", "jpg", "bmp", "jpg2000", "pcx", "png", "pdf" plus "-s" (for PDF Searchable) and "-a" (for PDF/A) parameters. Strings are not sensitive to the letter case. Parameters begin with "-". They can be separated with spaces, tabs or no delimiters can be used. For example: "pdf -s", "pdf-a-s".
ImageCompressionType TImageCompressionType Read/write

Sets a compression method for the exported image. By default, a compression method is selected automatically based on the format and colors.

Note: If an incompatible compression method is selected, the task will be placed in the Exceptions folder.

PdfAVersion TPdfAVersion Read/write Specifies the PDF/A version.
PdfTextSearchArea TPdfTextSearchAreaType Read/write Specifies where a text layer should be created for purposes of export to PDF-S.
Quality int Read/write Image quality for JPEG-compression (in percentage terms).
RecognitionLanguages string Read/write

The list of languages that can be used for recognition of documents intended for export to searchable PDF. Consists of the internal names of languages in English divided by semicolons without spaces. If the list is empty, the language of the Document Definition applied to the document is used.

Is effective for annex pages only, as for pages with matched sections, only recognized fields have a text layer. As such fields are recognized in the recognition stage (not in the export stage), specifying this property does not influence recognition results for these fields.

Resolution int Read/write Image resolution (measured in DPI).
SaveAttachmentsToPdf bool Read/write Specifies whether to save the attachment of the PDF file.
ShouldOverwrite bool Read/write Specifies if the existing file can be overwritten.
UseMRC bool Read/write

Enables compression using Mixed Raster Content (MRC) technology when exporting to PDF or PDF/A. MRC provides better compression for some images than the commonly used JPEG method, for example, for good quality images with high-contrast text against a uniform background. Use MRC to reduce the size of the resulting PDF file.

Note: By default the flag is true when exporting to PDF and false when exporting to PDF/A.

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