You can use the UploadProject command to upload a project from a local file system to a server. By default, the training batches are also copied.

Note: Uploading a project to the server always modifies the project's UUID. By default, the system does not check whether the project being uploaded already exists on the server. To avoid this, use the /CheckProjectExists flag, which will display an error message when a project with the same UUID already exists on the server.

To download a project from a server to a local file system, use the DownloadProject command.


/Source Required The path to the local project.

Relative local paths are not supported.
/Target Required The path to the location on a server where the project will be saved, or
the full path to a local folder where the project will be saved.
/Tenant Optional Tenant name.
/U Optional User name.

If no user name is specified, Windows authentication will be used.
/P Optional Password.
/Cert Optional Certificate thumbprint used for mutual SSL authentication. This key is used to pass an encoded certificate hash for a server with Mutual SSL installed as a string.
/CopyTrainingBatches Optional

Uploads training batches.

Possible values are All, LayoutOnly, ClassifierOnly or None. By default, this parameter is set to All.

/CopyTrainingSamples Flag Uploads the contents of training batches.
/CheckProjectExists Flag Checks if a specified project already exists on the server, and if not, copies it together with its UUID. If it does, an error message will be displayed.

Example of use:

UploadProject /Source="D:\Projects\FCProject" /Target="https://FCSRV" /U=user /P=password /CopyTrainingSamples  - uploads a project and all contents of its training batches to the server.

UploadProject /Source="D:\Projects\FCProject" /Target="https://FCSRV" /U=user /P=password /CopyTrainingBatches=LayoutOnly /CheckProjectExists - uploads a project and all its field extraction training batches, and checks whether an identical project exists on the server.

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