Managing tenants

Creating a new tenant

Important! When you create a tenant, an e-mail message will be sent to the tenant Administrator. This message will not be sent unless e-mail notifications have been set up. To set up the notifications, click Settings → SMTP settings.

To create a new tenant, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Administration and Monitoring Console, click Settings → Tenants and then click the New tenant button.
  2. On the page that opens, specify the following settings:
    • The name of the tenant (required).
      Note: Tenant names can contain only English characters, digits, and underscores. Do not use spaces in tenant names.
    • A description of the tenant.
    • The e-mail address of the tenant Administrator (required)
    • License number.
      Note: You can either let the tenant use the main license by enabling the Share main license option, or activate an individual license for the tenant by specifying it in the License number field. For details, see the Using the main license for tenants and Using tenant licenses sections of the Administration and Monitoring Console help page.
  3. Click Save.

ABBYY FlexiCapture will automatically generate an e-mail message containing the address of the tenant sign-in page (in the format https://<ApplicationServer>/FlexiCature12/Login/<TenantName>), a login, and a temporary password.

Note: You can change the address of the tenant included in the e-mail message by editing the value of the "SiteUrl" key in the web.config file, which can be found in <IIS Root Directory (e.g. "C:\inetpub\wwwroot")>\FlexiCapture12\Monitoring.


Deleting a tenant

Important! Once you delete a tenant, all of its data (i.e. projects, users, etc.) will be irrevocably lost.

To delete a tenant, open the Administration and Monitoring Console, navigate to the Settings → Tenants page, select the tenant in the list, and click the Delete button.

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