Using tenant licenses

Ideally, each tenant in a multitenant system should be granted its own personal license. Please note that one personal license number can be assigned to one tenant. To grant a license to a tenant:

  1. Activate an individual tenant serial number in the ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 License Manager.
  2. Open the Administration and Monitoring Console and click Settings → Tenants.
  3. Select a tenant in the list and open its settings by clicking the corresponding link in the tenant's name.
  4. Clear the Share main license option.
  5. In the License number box, type the individual serial number of the personal tenant license that you activated.
  6. Click Save.

Important! If you prohibit a tenant from using the main license and do not provide the tenant with a personal license, the tenant will not be able to process documents.

15.03.2021 9:22:25

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