Event log

This section is only available to users with System Administrator, Tenant Administrator, and Monitoring Operator permissions.

The event log contains records about all events and errors that occurred in ABBYY FlexiCapture.

To view the event log, open the Administration and Monitoring Console and click System Monitor → Event log. Users with System Administrator permissions can view records of events, including:

  • Log in and log out events for System Administrators
  • Event log delete events
  • The starting and stopping of the Application Server and processing stations
  • Errors, warnings, and other processing events

Note: This event log does not contain records of events that occurred in tenants.

Tenant Administrators (or the System Administrator in the case of the default tenant) and Monitoring Operators can use the Processing Monitor → Event log page to view information about document processing events and errors. Events from a specific project can be viewed in the pane on the left.

To sort the records by date, event type, user, station ,and other criteria (click the name of the column to be used for sorting). You can also filter the events.

Use the icons in the upper-right corner of the Administration and Monitoring Console to print the table or export it to a CSV file.

See also: Event logging modes.

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