Monitoring SLA compliance

The Processing Monitor → Batches page of the Administration and Monitoring Console enables Tenant Administrators and Monitoring Operators to view SLA information and monitor compliance.

Note: For information on how to set up and use an SLA, see the Administrator's help file in ABBYY FlexiCapture.

The table on this page contains a list of batches that you can filter using one of the default filters:

  • Expired leaves only batches that are past their due date.
  • Expires soon leaves only batches that are approaching their due date.

Note: You can create custom filters using other filtering criteria. See Filtering data for details.

Note: By default, the table contains information on batches in all projects of a tenant. To view information on a specific project, select the project in the left-hand pane of the Administration and Monitoring Console.

The icons in the upper-right corner of the Console let you print the table or export it to a CSV file.

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