Processing permission requests

To view a list of requests for permissions, open the Administration and Monitoring Console and click Settings → Requests.

To process a requests, an Administrator has to visit the requesting user's page by clicking the user's name link and grant the permissions in the Requests section. After you save the changes on the user's page, you will be redirected to the Requests page of the Administration and Monitoring Console. Click the Complete button in the Status column to indicate that you have finished processing the request.

Note: The Complete complete button only removes the request from the list and does not grant any permissions. Permissions will only be granted when you save your changes on the user's page.

You can filter requests based on their status using the filter buttons:

  • Active (the default filter) displays all requests that have not been processed.
  • Completed displays all requests that have been processed.
  • All displays all requests.

12/1/2020 7:03:59 AM

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