Improving comparison results

ABBYY Compare Documents offers a number of additional options to achieve more accurate document comparison. To configure these options, do one of the following:

  • Click the Compare tab in the rightmost pane.
  • Click Compare > Advanced.

Compare tab

This tab contains the following settings:

  • Find differences in punctuation
    Select this option to detect differences in punctuation and hyphenation.
  • Find one-letter differences
    Select this option to detect differences in spelling.

Advanced options

The following advanced options are available:

  • PDF recognition mode
    Selecting the right recognition mode is crucial for accurate comparison of PDF documents.
    ABBYY Compare Documents offers three PDF recognition modes:
    • Use Only Text from PDF
      This is the default mode for PDF documents with a text layer. ABBYY Compare Documents will use the text layer for comparison.
    • Automatically Choose between OCR and Text from PDF
      When this mode is selected, ABBYY Compare Documents will check the quality of the original text layer. If the program determines the original text layer is good enough, it will use the original text layer. Otherwise, it will recognize the document and use the resulting text layer instead.
    • Use OCR
      In this mode, the program uses optical character recognition to extract text from documents.
      The documents will take longer to compare in this mode, but the comparison results will be more reliable.
      These options are intended for PDF documents that contain a text layer and pictures. Such PDF documents are typically created by converting editable document files to PDF. Other kinds of PDF documents, such as searchable or image-only PDF documents, do not require any additional OCR options and are always processed in the Use OCR mode.
  • Find Headers and Footers Automatically
    Disable this option if the document has no headers or footers.
  • Reset Advanced Options
    Select this command to revert to the default settings.

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