Stage rule

What it does

This script is used to determine whether the document can be routed to a certain stage. Applies in rule settings in the Advanced mode of the Workflow setup.

If an error occurs during the script execution, the document will be sent to the Exceptions stage.


Name Type Access Description
Document IDocument Read-only The document for which the check is carried out
Result IRoutingRuleResult Read/write The result of the rule execution

Procedures that you wish to use in more than one rule should be written to the global rule module, which can be accessed from the script editor. From the drop-down list on the toolbar of the script editor, select NonInteractiveProcessor.

If classes and methods of an external assembly are used in the script or global module, the assembly file must be attached on the .Net References tab of the batch type properties (for a particular batch type) or project properties (for the Default batch type).

When a task is completed at the current stage the system determines what will be the next stage for this task. For this purpose the system estimates input conditions for further stages, for example, input scripting rules.

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